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Computer and Internet Humor: "Lo! And in the Beginning There Was Total Befuddlement!" (MOBI for Amazon Kindle)

by Marilyn K. Martin

No matter what anyone says, computers are not easy...especially when first starting out. Our missteps and foilbles could be a source of embarrassment if we happen to know what we just did.

Computer Confusion in Paradise: "Lo! And in the Beginning There Was Total Befuddlement!"

Sit back and enjoy a humorous look at our computers and the Internet. Our computer mistakes are a source of comedy that could not be matched by the best fiction.

Chapter One: In the Beginning

“A look at computer history.”

The first computers and how users tried to resolve computer problems on their own, often with unique and destructive results.

Chapter Two: What's in a Name

“So what's in a name? Those sloppy disks and pentootium processors!”

Proper terminology for the hardware and software can be confusing. Users mangle and confuse computing terms.

Chapter Three: The Internet

“The Internet: confusion, consternation and addiction.”

It has taken a while to understand exactly what the Internet is and isn't, yet many of us are still Internet confused.

Chapter Four: Connections

“Computer connections: M-Wave modems, Mom and lodge-ins.”

Computing is all about connections—Internet and psychological.

Chapter Five: Error Messages

“Mysterious essentials: understanding error messages.”

Error messages can be a point of real frustration, as seen in different types of error messages and the complaints Tech Support personnel receive.

Chapter Six: Computer Terms

“It takes all kinds: unique interpretations of computer terms and users.”

Interesting and unique interpretations of exactly what certain computer terms mean.

Chapter Seven: E-Mails

“E-mails and instant messages: now and forever.”

Today, e-mail is everywhere and colors every aspect of our life. Is this non-stop flow of information and data storage always a good thing?

Chapter Eight: Spam, Ham, Scams

“E-mail spam: different scam approaches and tips to avoid being a victim.”

Your spam file could probably more accurately be called your "scam" file. Hit Delete and remember, the money you really save was yours to begin with.

Chapter Nine: Tech Support

“Tech Support and how users view them.”

From on-hold wait times to instructions that don't compute—when Tech Support isn't helpful.

Chapter Ten: Search Engines

“Going nowhere at the speed of the Internet.”

Some keys to surviving whatever bizarre, nonsensical or off-topic "information" your search engines turn up.

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