Four Windows 7 Starter Books (EPUB for iPad, etc.)

Windows 7 Secret Essential Bundle (EPUB for iPad, NOOK, computers, etc.)
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The Windows 7 Secrets Essential Bundle for iPad, NOOK, Kobo, your computer and many other devices (EPUB format) includes: 

Desktop E-BookWindows 7 Desktop Secrets: The Windows 7 Desktop is your first view of Windows when you start your computer. It can be used to launch programs, save folders and files, or merely hang your favorite family photos. However in Windows 7 there is much more that you can do with the Desktop. Learn the secrets of configuring your Desktop work the way you want it.


Start Menu E-BookWindows 7 Start Menu Secrets: The Windows Start Menu is one of the most important tools in any version of Windows. Used for navigation, opening files, and searching Windows 7 Start Menu has powerful new features. Configured properly, the Start Menu could be the only Windows tool you need.



Windows ExplorerWindows 7 Windows Explorer Secrets: Windows Explorer is one of the most important tools in any version of Windows. Used for navigation and opening files Windows 7 Explorer has powerful new features including Libraries and HomeGroup.



Windows 7 Taskbar E-BookWindows 7 Taskbar Secrets: The Windows Taskbar has been around just about forever, but with the introduction of Windows 7 there have been many enhancements. Learn the secrets of how to configure and operate the taskbar to suit your style.

Also available in Amazon Kindle format (MOBI)!

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