Jack's Favorite Free Windows Programs (MOBI for Amazon Kindle)

Jack's Favorite Free Windows Programs
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Jack has spent many years reviewing free software, but there are only a few programs that he keeps and uses on his Windows computers. Here are the free programs which Jack recommends for any Windows user who wants good reliable software and likes saving money.

Numerous screen shots of the free software are included to help demonstrate how the programs work and how to use them.

Chapter One: Free Office Software - Word Processing, Spreadsheet, Presentation and More!
“Who needs to spend a ton on Microsoft Office when there is so much good (Free!) office software available.”
The stiffest competition for the components of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) is coming from a program that won't cost you a cent.

Chapter Two: Free Graphics Editing Software
“Whether touching up photos or creating works of art, there is free software which will make it easier.”
Jack is not a graphics professional, but occasionally needs to touch up family photos or create a piece of art. He doesn't own the expensive Adobe Photoshop, but he has some favorite free programs.

Chapter Three: Free Video Chat Software
“With children and grandchildren living all over the world, one of the best ways to stay in touch is with video chat.”
He and his wife stay in touch with video chatting. Not only do they get to see the grandchildren on a regular basis, but it's free.

Chapter Four: Lights, Camera, Action! Free Video Editing and Screen Casting Software
“If you want to make your family YouTube/Facebook video presentable or create a screencast short from your computer, here are free Windows programs.”
Jack occasionally takes family videos with his digital camera, as well as, making screencasting videos of Windows 8. Rather than paying for video editing software, here are his favorite free Windows programs.

Chapter Five: My Favorite Free Windows Desktop Utility
“While there are many free Windows utilities, there is only one Jack uses all of the time.”
Jack takes a look at a useful, free window manipulation add-on program for all versions of Windows. Not only are there more window resizing options, but the "always on top" problem is solved.

Chapter Six: My Favorite Web Browser (They Are All Free!)
“All the Web browsers are free. Which one is your favorite?”
Jack only occasionally uses Internet Explorer, often out of desperation. Jack tells you which browser is his favorite.

Chapter Seven: Free Software for E-Book Publishing
“There are free tools for creating your e-books. Take advantage of them.”
Every e-book Jack has written (including this one) was edited and processed with free e-book software tools.

Chapter Eight: Simple Free Web Design Software for Webmasters (or Anyone)
“If you need to design and maintain a Web site, there is free software which competes with the paid programs.”
Jack does a lot of Web site work. Jack demonstrates the free program he uses to create WYSIWYG pages and upload them to the site. Plus, Jack's favorites free FTP program and a peek at HTML programming.

Chapter Nine: Free Computer Aided Design (CAD) Software
“If you're not an engineer but need an intuitive, easy and free CAD program, then Jack has one for you.”
Jack explores CAD software and the difficulties in learning it. Jack has tried many free CAD programs, discarding most as too difficult. He's finally landed upon one that is not only easy to use, but free.

Chapter Ten: A Free Program Editor Designed for Programmers
“If you need to program, then you want a good text editor. It's a bonus if it's free.”
From time to time, Jack writes programs. Now that he has turned to this free text editor, he'll never turn back...and not just because it's free!

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