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A second collection of ComputorEdge cartoons by Jim Whiting and Jack Dunning covering topics computer, Internet and high technology related.If you liked their first e-book of cartoons, "That Does Not Compute!", then you will love this one. Here are more of the warped computer and Internet cartoons that Jim Whiting and Jack Dunning have become known for. You'll find yourself saying, "It's so true!", "Been there, done that!" or "That one's really stupid!"

Learn what robots really think about or how to uncover the secret of life! What are the dangers of Internet dating? How did Microsoft develop Windows 8? Discover the latest innovations in mobile technology or how to deal with Internet cookies. What does the president really do in his free time?

As Jack says, "A number of these cartoons are based upon deep philosophical thoughts with profound life implications. Ignore them for now. Eventually scholars will decipher the hidden meanings and publish those answers in one of their journals—along with all the other nonsense they put out."

Cartoons include:

"One-handed Computing,"
"High Quality iPad Camera,"
"User Un-friendly iPad,"
"E-Book Magic,"
"Working with Apple Lion,"
"Buying Apple Versus Amazon,"
"Next Time Get an Apple!,"
"New Windows 8 Slogan,"
"Sticking with Microsoft Classics,"
"Release Day for Windows 8,"
"Excited about Windows 8,"
"Renaming Windows 8 Metro Start Screen,"
"Microsoft's View of the Future,"
"Developing Apps for Windows 8,"
"Bad Hair Day App,"
"Not Cool to Hack App,"
"An App for All Occasions,"
"High Tech Makeup App,"
"Malfunctioning App,"
"Another Malfunctioning App,"
"An App That Works!,"
"The Dangers of Internet Dating,"
"Fred's Vacation Away from Home at Home,"
"A Virtual Certainty,"
"Presidential Virtual Pressure,"
"E-Book Signing,"
"High School E-book Romance,"
"Living the E-Life,"
"The New E-Wait,"
"The E-Book Library,"
"A Stunning Kindle,"
"The ISBN Book Number,"
"'The computer is a moron!' Peter Drucker,"
"Military High Tech,"
"Unemployed Technology,"
"New Automobile Technology,"
"Heat Sensitive Technology,"
"Dealing with Internet Cookies,"
"Googling for Apples,"
"Internet Shopping on Amazon,"
"Free Wi-Fi Everywhere!,"
"The Meaning of Wikipedia,"
"Saw You on the Internet!,"
"Google Til You Drop,"
"Facebook Scorned,"
"Natural Netflix Addiction,"
"Facebook Blocks Accounts for the Dead!,"
"Family Matters,"
"Links Help Google Page Rank,"
"Storage in the Cloud,"
"Voice Activated Annoyance,"
"Some Smartphones Catch Fire!,"
"Mobile Computing Innovation,"
"More Mobile Computing Innovation,"
"Rustic Recipes,"
"Stun Guns Disguised as Smartphones!,"
"Excuse me, I'm Texting!,"
"Judging Tablet Computers,"
"High Tech Insanity,"
"Radical Technology,"
"High Tech Punishment,"
"Front-Facing Camera and Wi-Fi,"
"Improving Digital Photos,"
"Magical Hacking,"
"Mommy's Business,"
"Innovative Marketing,"
"What's Outside the Box?,"
"Computer Art,"
"Web Designer,"
"Social Networking,"
"Why All the Shouting?,"
"Open Source Office Software Guilt,"
"Too Many Computer Hotkeys,"
"File Transfer in the Internet Cloud,"
"Programming Tools,"
"3D Printing,"
"High Tech IKEA TV,"
"Not Rocket Science, But...,"
"High Tech Tools for the University,"
"Canada's New Plastic Money is Melting!"

All these cartoon orginally appeared in context at ComputorEdge Online (



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