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Windows Tips and Tricks: How to Release the Power of Windows 7 Start Menu (EPUB format - iPad, NOOK, Kobo, etc.)

by Jack Dunning

Windows 7 Start Menu Secrets is the third in a series of Windows 7 Tips and Tricks books compiled from the hundreds of columns written by Jack Dunning, pubisher of ComputorEdge Magazine. Many chapters come from a column or article which has been retested, revised and updated with the latest techniques, while some chapters are all new. Many new tips and tricks have been added to the e-book version of the series.

Each e-book in the Windows Tips and Tricks series addresses a specific area of the Windows 7 operating system offering an in-depth look at techniques which will increase your understanding of Windows 7 while improving your computing experience. In the following weeks and months, more e-books from the series will be released, each addressing a specific Windows topic.

Windows 7 Start Menu Secrets

Windows Start Menu is the first step for any Windows user. Used for launching program and finding tools and files, the Windows 7 Start Menu has more features for using Windows Libraries and doing quick searches.

Chapter One: The Windows 7 Start Menu

“An overview of the Windows 7 Start Menu capabilities, look and feel.”

Considered a standard feature of all versions of the Windows operating system, surprisingly the new (and often misunderstood) Windows 7 Start Menu has more power and flexibility.

Chapter Two: Adding More to the Start Menu

“Configuring the Windows 7 Start Menu for quick access and flexibility.”

When beginning, the Windows 7 Start Menu doesn't seem like anything special. However, by default, only the bare minimum shows up when opened clicked for the first time. Dig a little deeper and make the Start Menu a power tool.

Chapter Three: Start Menu Secrets

“More tricks with Libraries, Internet searches and tools to add to the Start Menu.”

Simulate the Windows XP All Programs Start Menu, add Internet Search to the Start Menu in Windows 7 Professional, create a super tool kit (GodMode).

Chapter Four: Searching with the Start Menu

“The Windows 7 Start Menu is not your father's (Windows XP) Start Menu. It now has new search capabilities.”

One of the most useful features of Windows 7 (and Vista) is the search from the Start Menu. It can help us find files and launch programs quicker. Plus, it's handy when troubleshooting.

Chapter Five: Searching Made Smarter

“Windows 7 has new, easier ways to filter search results and target search locations.”

With Windows XP, the search function is straightforward and will completely scour a folder or an entire drive. When drives were small, this worked well. However, now that hard drives are getting larger, Microsoft found it necessary to make the searches "smarter." But if you're having trouble finding what you're looking for, here are some tips.

Chapter Six: Using Start Menu Search for Troubleshooting

“Windows 7 has system help tools integrated into routine Start Menu searches.”

There are a multitude of tools and features that allow you to change settings and tailor your Windows system. Windows 7 has integrated a super help system, which makes it incredibly easy to find those tools through a simple Start Menu search.

Chapter Seven: Customizing the Start Menu Power Button

“Customizing the power button both on the Start Menu and the computer case.”

The Windows 7 power button can be configured for your preferred use, such as Restart or Shut Down. One method is for the software button in the Start Menu and the other is for the hardware power switch on the computer case. Plus, find techniques for saving power.

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