Windows 7 Taskbar Secrets (MOBI for Amazon Kindle)

Windows 7 Taskbar Secrets (MOBI for Amazon Kindle)
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Windows Tips and Tricks: How to Release the Power of the Windows 7 Taskbar (MOBI format for Amazon Kindle)

by Jack Dunning

Windows 7 Taskbar Secrets is the first in a series of Windows 7 Tips and Tricks books compiled from the hundreds of columns written by Jack Dunning, pubisher of ComputorEdge Magazine. Each chapter comes from a column or article which has been retested, revised and updated with the latest techniques. Many new tips and tricks have been added to the e-book version of the series.

Each e-book in the Windows Tips and Tricks series addresses a specific area of the Windows 7 operating system offering an in-depth look at techniques which will increase your understanding of Windows 7 while improving your computing experience. In the following weeks and months, more e-books from the series will be released, each addressing a specific Windows topic.

Windows 7 Taskbar Secrets

The Windows Taskbar has been around just about forever, but with the introduction of Windows 7 there have been many enhancements. Learn the secrets of how to configure and operate the Taskbar to suit your style.

Chapter One: Introducing the Windows 7 Taskbar

“How to Customize Your Windows Taskbar on Your Desktop”

Many people may not realize (because they have never tried it), that in Windows there are ways to change the taskbar and desktop to a configuration that will work better for you.

Chapter Two: Windows 7 Quick Launch Buttons

“The Quick Launch buttons have new functionality in Windows 7”

One of the more important features in any computer operating system is the ability to quick launch programs and later find the open program windows. Windows 7 has enhanced this capability—but is it easier?

Chapter Three: Windows 7 Jump Lists and Pinning

“Unique Windows 7 Quick Launch and Program Tab Capabilities”

Taking advantage of Windows 7's Jump Lists and pinning files can make your computing quicker and more organized.

Chapter Four: Right-click Solutions

“Windows 7 Quick Launch Confusion”

A user is puzzled by the changes to the Quick Launch feature in Windows 7. In essence, the key to Windows 7 is learning to make liberal use of clicking the right button on your mouse and selecting the appropriate option.

Chapter Five: Give Me Back My Old Quick Launch

“Restoring the Windows XP Quick Launch Bar in Windows 7”

Last chapter, after Jack looked at the inconsistencies and aggravation that can come from the Windows 7 taskbar Quick Launch/program tabs, a reader writes in with a tip on restoring the Windows XP Quick Launch bar.

Chapter Six: A Toolbar Trick

“Add Your Own Toolbar to the Taskbar for Easier Windows File Navigation”

Jack explores the technique for adding toolbars to the taskbar, giving much quicker access to the most important folders and files without loading any other programs, such as Windows Explorer.

Chapter Seven: Surfing the Web from the Taskbar

“Adding the Windows Address Toolbar to the Taskbar”

If you prefer to use the keyboard to directly access Web sites without first opening a Web browser or loading programs, then the Windows Address toolbar may be the option for you.

Chapter Eight: Put Your Desktop on Your Taskbar

“Adding the Desktop Toolbar to the Windows Taskbar”

A tip for making the Desktop toolbar available directly from the Windows taskbar. The taskbar will display and give access to everything that appears on your Desktop.

Chapter Nine: Returning to Windows XP Right-Click Menus

“How to Use the Old Windows XP/Vista Right-Click Menu”

In the Windows 7 taskbar, it's not as easy to restore, maximize or minimize all of the windows under the tab when there are multiple instances of a program running. Here's how to restore Vista and XP's old right-click menu. Plus, Jack demonstrates some of the power of this older right-click menu.

Chapter Ten: Two Techniques for Making Windows 7 Taskbar Easier

“Emphasizing the Windows 7 SHIFT Key Secret and Using Pinned Jump List”

The taskbar in Windows 7 is designed to make our computing a little less cumbersome. How well it works for you will depend upon how much you know about the available tools.

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